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We offer a complete menu of services covering all aspects of destination services, including a fully integrated housing service through our in-house qualified Real Estate agent. We assemble a customized program to accommodate all family needs. Here are some of the services we offer:

Initial Consultation

We conduct a thorough needs analysis for each family in order to best understand their combined destination services requirements. With the help of a targeted questionnaire, we interact by email and phone prior to the family’s arrival to broadly determine the communities best suited to their needs. Special consideration is given to schools, commute distance, housing type, shopping areas, medical centers, community activities. We encourage an exploratory visit by the head of household (and his/her partner) prior to the move. This would provide the opportunity to find out about schools, communities and what to expect from an area. The family will get a good sense of the options available that will meet their needs. Silicon Valley Relocation can structure an exploratory tour based on a client’s needs but recommends it not be less than ½ a day.  A half day tour, depending on the geographic area to be covered, will include two to three of points of interest as well as a sampling of a few homes or apartments.

Orientation Tours

This is a very important familiarization tour for both partners as they arrive at their new destination. Perhaps they have been on a prior preview trip, but now the family has actually moved. The orientation tour is the essential first step toward a successful integration to their new life in Silicon Valley. The tour will include similar points of interest to the preview trip; however it will differ in two respects: first, it will be fully personalized and adapted to the feedback from the preview trip (if one took place); second, it will simultaneously provide cultural immersion as we discuss important practical topics ranging from general area geography, climate and shopping hours to school systems, local resources, health systems, just to name a few. We offer a ½ day (1 town) or full day option (more than 1 town), depending on the extent of the targeted area.

Montessori/Pre-School Class Listening to Teacher on CarpetEducational Assistance

When the family is moving with children, schools are often one of the most important decision factors in selecting a neighborhood to live in. Whether you plan to enroll your children in a public or private school, the decision will generally have a significant impact on the choices the family make on a number of other important decisions such as residence location or the type of vehicle to purchase. Silicon Valley has some of the best schools in the country, but not all schools are a good match to your children’s learning style and academic needs. It is therefore important to identify the right school district for the needs of your child (academic competitiveness, strength of sports teams, quality and breadth of arts curriculum, etc). We can help from identifying the best schools (public and private) to scheduling visits and interviews, identifying specific resources needed (Special Education services; private tutors for academic subjects, or teachers for private music or art lessons ), to walking you through the registration process.

Corporate Housing Services

When a family first arrives in the area, often temporary corporate accommodation is a good interim solution.  Corporate housing provides similar amenities to a hotel (fully furnished including linen) but larger with one or two bedrooms, a living room and a small kitchen. Some offer catering and maid services as well. We have strategic relationships with corporate housing firms who may be able to provide wider choices and promotional prices.

Rental Housing Services

The very first decision the family needs to make when looking for permanent accommodation is whether to buy or rent. Sometimes the decision may change after visiting several properties. We are flexible and our priority is to find what is right for the family. Typically, available rental properties can be viewed in a day or two of touring. Sometimes, it may take several tours over a few weeks to find an adequate property. The rental market is quite challenging in Silicon Valley and in San Francisco currently due to rapidly expanding technology firms and a shortage of available units.  As a result, some families will take more time to consider both rental and purchasing options. In either case we are uniquely positioned with our in-house realtor to provide the best service.

handing over the keysHome Purchase Services

With our in-house realtor, we are uniquely positioned to provide an all-round housing service, from selecting the best neighborhood, to accessing off-market properties and closing on the sale. Our home purchase services include education regarding the home purchase process, customized housing search, property visits, liaising with mortgage providers and insurance agents and assistance with purchase documentation.

Official Documents Assistance

These services are particularly relevant for families moving from abroad. Our goal is to expedite those tedious filing processes so our families can get on with their daily lives. We assist with documents filing for a social security card and driver’s license. We brief our clients on driving customs and, if necessary, arrange for driving lessons and assist with leasing a car. In addition, our extensive network of professional service providers (including lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurance brokers, educational counselors and life coaches) may assist in most aspects of your administrative requirements.

Breakfast on a bed in a hotel roomSettling-in Services

In an effort to familiarize both spouses with the family’s everyday needs, we offer an in-depth community orientation that covers shopping (groceries, clothing, furniture, hardware, gardening, electronics, appliances), domestic help (nannies, babysitters, housekeepers, gardeners), personal care (hairdressers and barbers, nails & waxing, beauty & spa, health clubs), medical (doctors, dentists, specialists, hospitals), pets (registration with the local authority, vets, grooming, sitters), arts and leisure (museums, opera houses, theaters, restaurants, libraries).

Holding handsSpousal/Partner Support

We emphasize support for the partner, catering to his or her interests, as the move is most likely hardest on the accompanying partner. We explore potential opportunities (college courses, volunteering, network groups) for the spouse so transferees can focus on their mandate. A happy couple is a productive couple.